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Add healthy years to your life in minutes a day



Most of us are too busy for major lifestyle and diet changes.  The time and effort it would take to overhaul our lives to achieve optimal health, is just too much.  No problem! Use these simple tricks to transform your health from head to toe - in just minutes a day.

Turn back aging with beet juice


Beets boast betalains, anti-aging nutrients with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification benefits that help repair cells, leading to a smoother complexion and fewer fine lines.  And the anti-aging effects are more than skin deep: Beet juice revs energy and endurance up 20%, reports The Journal of Applied Physiology, a benefit not found by eating the veggie.  Drinking this ruby-red juice provides more than twice as much skin-renewing vitamin C and nearly double the dose of relaxing minerals.

Keep bones strong with raisins

Eating 1/3 cup of raisins, dates, prunes or other dried fruit every day cuts your risk of bone thinning a much as 50%, Canadian researchers say.  Dried fruit is an excellent source of boron, a mineral that helps calcium latch on to bone tissue.  To boost the benefit, enjoy a 12 oz. glass of beer or 6 oz. or red wine daily (if you can drink). Beer’s silicon and red wine’s resveratrol both increase your production of the enzymes needed to build healthy new bone tissue, reveals University of California, Davis, research.  For those who don’t drink alcohol you can get supplements here. 

Slim down with fermented diary

 At least 80% of the hormones you need to keep your appetite under control and your metabolism high are produced by healthy - but short-lived—probiotic bacteria in your digestive tract. No wonder several British studies reveal that women who eat probiotic—rich dairy, such as kefir and yogurt, daily, effortlessly shed up to 16 pounds in one year without dieting.  The study-proven dose: 4 oz. of kefir or 8 oz. of yogurt with live-active cultures daily.  Plus, eating probiotic-rich food cuts your risk of heartburn, bloating, and other stomach troubles, say Swedish researchers. 


Have more sex

A lot of hanky-panky may be the best way to extend your life.  Studies suggest there is a link between more orgasms and longevity, say research out of Michigan State University.  But here’s the catch: you have to be a female.

Meanwhile, men with a sexual activity of at least once per month or less had a 45% increased risk of cardiovascular disease during the study period. The findings took into account factors such as age and ED status.

Sex can boost the body's immune response, reduce stress, and even control one's appetite, among other things." Two to three orgasms a week will do wonders for your health. Just remember, if your guy is an older gentleman have him consult with his doctor before engaging in multiple orgasms weekly.

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